In the world today there are countless means of communication with others. Thanks to social media websites the world is more connected than ever. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and more we are able to reconnect with your first love, childhood best friend, or college buddy. Unfortunately, with social media websites people can discover information you did not want them to.

If you are in the process of a divorce, child custody, and/or support case you should be cautious when using social media. You should think of social media activity as both public and permanent. If used properly social media can be entertaining and innocent but, if it is not used correctly it can be damaging to your case.

Here are some helpful tips to think about when using social media while going through a divorce, child custody, and/or support case.

1. DO NOT post pictures or comments revealing a wild, or out of control party lifestyle.

2. DO NOT post negatively about your Ex, your Ex’s family, your Ex’s attorney, or the Judge. Negativity will get you nowhere.

3. DO NOT post pictures of lavish vacations, fancy cars, new motorcycles, or luxury items (especially if child support is an issue).

4. DO NOT post status about your new boyfriend/girlfriend, particularly when your divorce is not finalized.

5. DO NOT post a profile on a dating website.

6. DO be selective about the information you share. Remember to think twice about what you post, even the smallest comments can be used against you in a divorce or custody/support case.

7. DO try and be positive, yet realistic. Posting negative, pessimistic, discouraging things about yourself can only hurt your case in the long run.

8. DO pay close attention to the photos your friends are posting of you or tagging you in. Your page is not the only one that could be monitored.