Family Law Practice Areas

Family Law is an umbrella term that applies to all issues that affect families.

There are numerous practice areas within family law. Our experienced attorneys in Mobile, Alabama can help you determine what areas of practice are right for you. Our lawyers specialize in divorce, child support, and child custody.

This firm’s practice areas include the following:

Divorce - Family Law


Child Custody

Child Custody and Visitation

Child Support

Child Support





Probate - Family Law


Living trust - Family Law

Wills & Estates

Guardianships & Conservatorships - Family Law

Guardianships & Conservatorships

Change - Family Law

Name Changes

Protection from Abuse (PFA) - Family Law

Protection from Abuse (PFA)

Appeals - Family Law


This firm serves clients in other areas of family law as well, on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for further information.

Whether you have questions about child custody or juvenile law, the attorneys of Herlihy Family Law will help you find the answers and guidance you need. Contact us today to schedule your private consultation.