Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of cases does this firm handle?

Divorce, Mediation, Post-Divorce Modification and Contempt, Custody/Visitation, Child Support, Pre and Post-Nuptial Agreements, Adoptions, Guardianships/Conservatorships, Document Drafting such as Wills, Deeds, Power-of-Attorney forms and Health Care Directives.

Where do you take cases?
At this time, we are accepting cases in Mobile and Baldwin County, Alabama only.
Do you offer contested and uncontested divorce representation?
Yes, and Ms. Herlihy is a mediator as well.
If a case starts out as contested does it have to go to trial?
No, a case can always settle, if the parties are able to reach an agreement, up until the conclusion of the trial.
Is there a consultation fee? What does the consultation fee cover?

The consultation fee is $300 and it covers up to one hour of legal advice. It does not go toward the retainer fee, as it is payment for the time and advice received in the consultation itself.

How much does a divorce (or any particular case) cost?

Every case is different, so we are unable to quote fees without a consultation. Generally speaking, a contested divorce is more expensive than an uncontested divorce because it is considerably more time-consuming.

Should I hire a divorce lawyer if the divorce is uncontested?

A common misconception is that if a case is uncontested, that both spouses have the same lawyer; however, ethical rules prevent a lawyer from representing both the Plaintiff and Defendant in a divorce. It is vital for you to seek your own independent legal counsel to look out for your best interests.