10 ways you can best prepare for your divorce

by | Dec 12, 2016 | Alabama, Divorce, Family, Family Law, Legal Advice, Mobile, Significant Decisions

We all know that divorces can become very ugly, very fast. It is not in your best interest to have your head in the clouds when your spouse is thinking strategically.

Top Ten Ways to Prepare for Divorce:

  1. Hire an Attorney Immediately!
  2. Gather Copies of Records and Crucial Documents
  3. Have Access to Your Own Money
  4. Be Aware of Outstanding Bills and Debts
  5. Keep a Daily Journal/Calendar of Significant Events
  6. Change Passwords to All Online Accounts (email, banking, Facebook, etc.)
  7. Do NOT Say, Text, Email, or Post on Facebook Anything that You Do Not Want Your Divorce Judge or the Police to Hear
  8. Prepare to Be Treated Like the Enemy by Your Spouse
  9. Keep Track of All Mail Coming to Your House
  10. Do NOT Involve Your Children in Adult Problems

**The above list is for educational purposes only and is not meant to provide legal advice. Every case is different, and it is essential to seek legal advice immediately.**