Is your spouse cheating?

Is your spouse cheating?

As a divorce lawyer, you are always hearing new scenarios that have led to the breakdown of a marriage, but, more often than not, you hear variations on the same theme. When a spouse is cheating, there are some common warning signs that indicate infidelity.

1. Altering their schedule

If your spouse is suddenly working late every day or on weekends, when they have never had to in the past, that is typically a sign that something is amiss. Other common excuses to deviate from their former routine often include a sudden interest in going to the gym, attending church, or participating in other activities without you when these things did not interest them before. Often, these are excuses to be away from the home and you and with someone else.

2. Changes in sexual habits

If your spouse is refusing to be intimate with you without explanation, chances are they are having their needs met somewhere else.

3. Sudden focus on their own physical appearance

Drastic changes in hairstyle, buying sexy clothing or lingerie, obsessing over working out or losing weight can all be signals of infidelity.

4. Excessive Internet Use

From Facebook, to EHarmony, to Christian Mingle, the Internet is one of the top places to meet someone new or reconnect with an old flame. If your spouse is suddenly fixated on the Internet and secretive about their use, they are probably cheating.

5. Multiple Cellphones

If you have a family plan, then why does your spouse also have a prepaid cellphone? If your spouse has purchased a Go Phone in addition to their regular phone, then they are having an affair, unless they have a side business as a drug dealer.

6. Spending a lot of Time with Another Person

There are a million excuses for this one – she is an old friend from high school, her husband is deployed and she needs a lot of help around the house, she is a single mom and I feel sorry for her, his wife died and he needs help picking out a tie etc. If your spouse if performing “husbandly” or “wifely” tasks for someone else, there is probably more going on than they say. If your husband is mowing another woman’s lawn, beware.

The above is for educational purposes only.  If you need legal advice, contact an attorney ASAP.