After going through a divorce or re-marriage, many changes can take place. Making things work for a new blended family does come with tests, but they do not have to be difficult. With the holiday closing in a blended family may run into a few challenges. These challenges can be countless, but they do not have to be terrible.

Below are tips on how to help your blended family work and to ensure a happy holiday season:

Focus on the children: Be sure to keep your focus on making the holidays pleasant for your children. You do not want your own hatreds or frustrations to be brought up.
Plan Ahead: Plan your schedule early. Ask each family member to participate in the planning and decision making. This is just another great way to bring the family closer.
Be patient and communicate: Remember this is something new for not just you but the children as well. Children may not quite understand the choices that were made. Certain feelings of confusion, jealously, insecurity, and more are all something a child can feel in a blended family. This is why it is important to be patient with the child and give them time to adapt.
Never make the child choose: It is never a good idea to try and compete with your children’s “other” parents. Try to be on the same page about gift giving and other expenses when it comes to the children.
Blend old traditions with the new traditions: This is important for a blended family. Incorporating old traditions with the new ones can help. This is a way to help bond the family together.
Share feelings: Allowing everyone to share their feelings can be beneficial. The holidays can sometimes bring up all different emotions. Allow the children to be open and honest with their feelings. Once the feelings are out there, you can help them move past them and focus on the future.