I was notified today of an extremely positive client review I received from a Divorce and Child Custody client on Avvo.com. The text of the review is here below:

An Exceptional Lawyer!

There are three certain professions that the older you are, consumers will feel an artificial sense of comfort and confidence in that person’s ability. Those professions are: doctor, lawyer and commercial pilot. No one would want to have delicate brain surgery from recent medical school graduate, nor would they feel comfortable having their freedom fought for in court by a young public defender.

Lastly, anyone who has ever flown commercial airlines, and has witnessed the twenty-something pilot towing his bag through the terminal would just about make anyone apprehensive about flying.

My point is this; I spent over a month and a half researching for the best possible attorney to represent me in the most important event in my life, and all information pointed to Alison each and every time. I then realized that the only reason I was hesitant to retain her was that she was younger than her peers, despite her having achieved much more success in her career. I had effectively gotten caught up in the above mentioned preconceived notions, despite the data that proved otherwise.

I had my initial consultation and any doubts that I may have had, effectively disappeared. Alison projected confidence, competence and a strong moral ethic. She kept me grounded and on-course despite the defense attorney’s best efforts to wear me down with repeated trial delays. After a year and a half of unnecessary delays, we finally had our day in court. Alison was nothing short of amazing to watch in court as she single-handedly proved her case over an established defense team.

The judge awarded me everything I was seeking, and lauded Alison for being able to effectively argue such a large, complex case in only one full day session, and that she set the bar for other attorney’s to (hopefully) emulate in her court.

In closing, remember you are trusting your life in the hands of whomever attorney you choose. So, do you want to put your life in the hands of a Specialist, or a General Practitioner? Alison is a Subject Matter Expert in her specialized field of Family Law, so why would anyone select an attorney who practices in multiple different areas of law?